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Shoplio Enters Home Goods Market with

ATLANTA, GA β€” Speciality e-commerce retailer Shoplio has entered the lucrative online home goods market with the launch of The Atlanta based company currently owns and operates five speciality stores that sell different types of protective covers. With the launch of, Shoplio aims to diversify its interests while opening up a new market for future growth.

Co-Founder and CEO Robert Hash explains, β€œIt was never our objective to remain solely a protective covers retailer. Early on in Shoplio’s formation we knew that home goods was a vertical with huge potential. Area rugs, in particular, is a space where we saw a lot of opportunity. We felt that the process of purchasing an area rug online was difficult, confusing, and sometimes scary. Our ability to introduce a much simpler shopping and buying experience into an already proven market is what ultimately led to the decision to make our first step into the growing home goods space.”

Shoplio has secured several additional home goods domain names including,, and and plans to focus on developing and launching those properties throughout 2013 and into 2014.

About Shoplio, Inc.

Shoplio is a strategic leader of e-commerce operation and e-commerce marketing services, dedicated to generating high volume and high quality sales through a network of online storefronts by effectively connecting consumers to specialty and niche products online. The Shoplio approach starts with a commitment to understanding the distinctive positioning of each vertical and exposing the qualities of those products to receptive audiences through industry-leading analytic based processes. Shoplio remains devoted to discovering both consumer and industry needs and always striving to fill them. For more information, visit