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A Record 2011 Holiday Season for Shoplio

ATLANTA, GA — A record setting 2011 holiday season suggests that the improvements to Shoplio’s overall shopping experience and processes are paying off. Co-founder and CTO Andrew Egenes explains, “We spent a significant amount of time and resources to improve not only the user experience offered on our websites but to our overall business and support processes. As a result, the 2011 holiday season was our best yet and 2012 is off to an even better start.”

Based on continuous feedback collected directly from customers and their customer support team, Shoplio was able to make improvements that it knew would make the overall customer experience better. In Q4 of 2011, Shoplio realized an overall sales increase of more than 300% with a 50% decrease in customer support requests compared to Q4 2010. The company says it plans to continue making improvements throughout 2012 with a particular focus on streamlining inefficient processes. Andrew sums up the company’s philosophy with this statement: “There’s always opportunity to get better. Becoming complacent is bad for the customer which is bad for business. It’s that simple.”

About Shoplio, Inc.

Shoplio is a strategic leader of e-commerce operation and e-commerce marketing services, dedicated to generating high volume and high quality sales through a network of online storefronts by effectively connecting consumers to specialty and niche products online. The Shoplio approach starts with a commitment to understanding the distinctive positioning of each vertical and exposing the qualities of those products to receptive audiences through industry-leading analytic based processes. Shoplio remains devoted to discovering both consumer and industry needs and always striving to fill them. For more information, visit